What distinguished René Lacoste's polos from the traditional 1926 tennis shirts? His polo had short sleeves, was made of piqué cotton and had a tennis tail that made it easy to insert the polo. A few years later, 1933, the tennis player and his partner André Gillier opened La Chemise Lacoste and started producing polos. The famous crocodile logo of the brand comes from the nickname le crocodile that Lacoste received for his perseverance on the tennis court. Even before the company was founded, the logo was on display at Lacoste in 1927. This was due to a fan drawing he had received the same year. Today, Lacoste is known for its polo shirts, sportswear, eyewear, perfume and watches.

Lacoste x Baskèts

There is no more classic sports company than Lacoste! One of our mottos is classics first and that is why Lacoste cannot be missed in the store. Where L! VE offers more playful designs, the Original line gives us classic and refined looks. Baskets, for example, features polos in the original line, such as the Lacoste 1HP3 MEN'S S / S Polo Thyme. This is also available in different colors. At Lacoste there is always a piece of clothing to complete your look.