Arte Antwerp

In 2009, Bertony Da Silva was a graphic design and illustration student who decided to launch a capsule collection. This was done under the name Artenative. For da Silva, the fashion industry was the only industry in which he could combine all of his personal interests. So there were different art forms in this collection. At the opening of the flagship store in Antwerp in 2016, he changed the name from Artenative to Arte Antwerp. This to pay homage to the city that formed da Silva.

Background Arte Antwerp

Most people associate Antwerp with the "diamond capital of the world", but it has more to offer than just diamonds. It is also an emerging fashion hub and brands such as Arte have benefited from this. As a designer, da Silva has many different interests that he reflects in his designs. From architecture to various cultural movements, da Silva knows what to do. For example, his A / W 16 Port d'Anvers collection is inspired by the port of Antwerp. In 2019 he managed to win the Fashion Brand of the Year award at the Belgian Fashion Awards.

Arte Antwerp x Baskèts

At Baskèts, we value artistic expression and art. That is why an Arte brand fits perfectly in our collection. In addition, da Silva uses the term "powerful simplicity" to describe the combination of premium fabrics and minimal aesthetics, an aesthetic that also belongs to Baskèts. We advise you to take a look at the Arte items that can be found both online and in the store. Who knows, you could also become an Arte collector.

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