New Amsterdam Surf Association

When it comes to surfing, the Netherlands is not the first country that comes to mind. With the unpredictable wind and brown muddy water, the surfing conditions cannot be considered ideal. Still, former professional windsurfer Paul Zeper, with his background in graphic design, founded New Amsterdam Surf Association in 2017. Today, the brand has become a counterculture in the existing surf culture.

New Amsterdam x Baskèts

At Baskèts we want to offer everyone great city surf clothing. These items are easy to combine with the other pieces in our collection. So, whether you surf or not New Amsterdam also has some in store for you. The New Amsterdam collection has been available at Baskets for a while now and the atmosphere of the clothing features rigid colors and sleek graphic designs. A good example of this is that New Amsterdam has used the green safety vests of the Rotterdam port employees as inspiration to reflect the color 'safety green' in their clothing. Moreover, we notice that the clothing is not only popular with surfers, because a large part of our customer base consists of streetwear consumers.