Every brand has a different size table, but ...

Did you know that every brand also shows the number of centimeters in their size chart? This should help you a lot with picking your sneaker size. For example, Nike has a size EU 43 UK 8.5 US 9.5 and CM 27.5 (CM stands for centimeters). And Adidas has a size EU 43 1/3 UK 8.5 US 9.5 and JP 27.5 (JP/CM also stand for centimeters).

So, if you have a size EU 43 of Nike, you should take a size 43 1/3 of Adidas because the number of centimeters has an exact match.

How to make sure you know your exact shoe size

To get to know your exact shoe size, please follow these instructions. Stand with one foot flat on a piece of paper, rest a pen or pencil straight down your heel and mark the paper. Use the same method to mark your longest toe. In centimeters, measure the distance between these two points. Repeat these actions with your other foot. If one foot is slightly bigger than the other, use the bigger one as your overall foot size. Your shoe size should be at least a quarter to a half-centimeter larger than your exact foot size.


For example: 
If your largest foot measures 27 centimeters, you should take a Men's EU size 42 1/2 of Nike and a Men's EU size 42 2/3 of Adidas.


Nike Size Chart

Adidas Size Chart

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