China Town Market's Heritage

China Town Market was created in 2016 by Mike Cherman. The label is known for their ironic smiley logo. Cherman started his own clothing brand after working for Nike in the customization store. He started designing "bootleg" items because he couldn't afford the stuff he wanted to wear. He designed a Frank Ocean mash-up shirt with the famous Nike Swoosh on it. This sparked a huge hype and the shirts became popular in a short period. However, he was sued by Frank Ocean for copyright infringement of his trademark. Still, Cherman continued with his 'bootleg collection'. A famous combination is the Converse with the Nike swoosh that even famous NBA players wore.

After its great success, China Town Market collaborated with many major brands: Nike, Converse, Timberlands, Lacoste, and Crocs. China Town Market strives to make its items easily available to everyone. This sets the brand apart from many other streetwear brands that want to be exclusive.

China Town Market x Baskets

At Baskets, we love adding new and innovative brands to our list of brands. We are happy to introduce China Town Market to our webshop and hope you will enjoy this brand as much as we do.

Our China Town Market picks

We at Baskets pick items based on our gut feeling when we see a collection for the first time. Items that we will add to our collection must have a wow factor for us. China Town Market has a great selection of original design that fits our taste well. We are a big fan of innovation and contemporary silhouettes just like China Town Market. At Baskets, we are looking for classic items that are easy to mix and match for any person, regardless of age. The way we see our collection is a combination of classic items and original innovative design.