Somewhere in the late 1980s, surfer Shawn Stüssy used T-shirts and shorts signing as a way to promote his surf business. Against his own expectations, this ran like a wildfire and he soon opened a boutique in SoHo New York (1988). At the same time, different subcultures such as hip-hop, skater and surf started to gain popularity. Then it soon became clear that Stüssy would become their way of fashion and cultural expression. In order to grow into a global household name, Stüssy was able to spread his brand in the streetwear scene together with like-minded individuals. Watch an old skool clip of a BBC documentary about the Stussy brand here for more information: Shawn Stussy talks to the BBC - IST - International Stussy Tribe Old Skool.

Stüssy x Baskèts

If we want to constantly stay up to date with the latest trend in contemporary fashion, Stüssy is a brand that should certainly not be missing in our portfolio. Their direct connection to the youth, individualism and their global connection create an opportunity for everyone to express themselves freely and openly. The Stussy collection at Baskets is restocked every season with the latest hoodies, T-shirts, long sleeves and various accessories. Feel free to check out the entire Stussy collection.

Aim for ...

Our collection features various Stüssy products. The graphic yet classic shirts make it possible to create a different silhouette every day. For example, you have the Stussy Basic Tee White and the Stussy Modern Leaders Tee Peach. Hoodie Ash Heather that can be used together with the other brands in our collection to create the perfect fit.