21/05/2024 - 11:38
Salomon marie-jeanne x ariella rae

We’re introducing the Salomon Marie-Jeanne through a floral fusion with Ariella, the creative mind behind Rae Blooms. Ariella is a floral artist hailing from Australia now settled with her shop in Amsterdam. 

Ariella's journey with Rae Blooms began with a deep-rooted love for flowers. "My biggest inspiration has always been flowers," she reveals. "I really see Rae as a tool more than anything. My goal has always been to spend my days creating things I love. It was important to me that I could do so without too many limitations. Rae gives me that space." 

Step into Ariella's world, where each day is unique. "What I really love about the shop space is that no two days are the same," she explains. "It's in a constant state of change. It can go from really calm, soft moments to create, to a busy, bubbly workspace, with flowers and people streaming in and out." 

For Ariella, Mother Nature is her ultimate muse. "My main source of inspiration comes from Mother Nature," she emphasizes. "She provides me with my whole palette. I might be thinking I want an arrangement to look a certain way, and then I find the most perfect stem you can imagine of something that wasn't in the original design."  

When asked about the flower that resembles her best, Ariella is drawn to the orchids.  "I don't know if they necessarily resemble me, but I know they make me extremely happy, especially the Paphiopedilum." 

Reflecting on her proudest moments, Ariella recalls the Cannes Lion Film Festival as a significant milestone. "I've been pretty lucky to have a lot of amazing projects," she acknowledges. "But the Cannes Lion Film Festival last year felt like a pretty big step. It was obviously really exciting to be able to travel for work and for a nice job." 

As a busy creative entrepreneur, Ariella finds solace in music, particularly playing the piano. "I've just recently bought myself an upright piano, and I have been loving sitting down and playing," she reveals. "It's been a really nice way to bring the day to an end." 

Describing her personal style as "playful with a little hint of funk," Ariella's style mirrors her artistic flair. "I find it hard to pinpoint where the exact inspiration comes from," she admits. "I do always find myself attached to items that have odd shapes and strange textures." 

When it comes to footwear Ariella’s shoe collection is very broad. From heels to boots to sneakers, she doesn’t like to discriminate. “I have different shoes for different moods, cute is a must and comfort a plus.” 

The Salomon Marie-Jeanne fits perfectly in Ariella's shoe collection. The model breathes new life into traditional fashion norms by fusing them with technical recovery shoe features. Its minimalist design makes it an essential addition to any summer footwear collection and made to wear every day, offering a subtle yet versatile style that is both comfortable and practical. 

Step into the future of fashion with the new Salomon Marie-Jeanne, where classic design meets cutting-edge comfort.