15/05/2024 - 09:36
New balance timeless tracks

We're still buzzing from our latest event with New Balance! Last Wednesday, we had the pleasure of hosting an unforgettable experience for the release of the new New Balance T500 sneakers.

Our guests were invited to join us on a vintage tram ride through the picturesque streets of Amsterdam, exploring the city from a unique point of view. From the moment they stepped on board, they were transported to a different era, where classic charm meets modern style.

Guided by Tom from Ommetje met Tom, who opened our eyes to all the beauty the city holds and educated us on the rich history of our capital. Our friends from Chenin Chenin served us the most delicious wines together with typical Amsterdam snacks which let us fully emerge in the Amsterdam atmosphere.

The New Balance T500 is a superior quality court sneaker, a timeless classic that is versatile and elegant. Its sleek design and the coherent colours give the sneaker endless styling opportunities for every occasion. Whether you go for a casual look with a sweater and jeans, or all dressed up in a suit, the New Balance T500 are sure to let you explore the city in comfort and style.

Discover the new T500 online at Baskèts or in one of our stores.