25/01/2024 - 10:42
Introducing c.p. company to our brand family

In 2024 we welcome the latest addition to our brand family: C.P. Company. Curious what this brand is all about? Read our blog for all the ins and outs and let yourself be inspired.

C.P. Company
C.P. Company is not just a brand; it is a pioneer in experimenting with ‘Garment Dyeing’. This process originated under the inspiring leadership of Massimo Osti in the early 1970s. It involves dyeing products as the final step in production, unlike traditional methods where clothing is made from pre-dyed fabric, and imparts an authentic vintage look to the clothing. This innovative step was a crucial moment and laid the foundation for C.P. Company.

Today, C.P. Company is still fully committed to experimentation and creativity. It is not only an influential player in the fashion world but also serves as a bridge between art and brains. They lead in military, work, and sportswear, utilising meticulously researched and top-notch Italian fabrics and materials.

We are excited to share we have an extensive C.P. Company collection featuring sweaters, jackets, accessories, and more, with the iconic Goggle or Lens. These distinctive lenses trace their origins back to military design elements when C.P. became intrigued by anti-gas products in 1987. This fascination led to the creation of the classic Goggle Jacket, complete with a convenient additional lens on the sleeve for easy glances at the watch.

Check out the images of the C.P. Company items below and explore the diverse collection at Baskèts. Add a touch of style and experimentation to your wardrobe with C.P. Company.