01/02/2024 - 10:39
Introducing: baskèts gallery

Step into the world of Baskèts Gallery, where art and creativity come together in a unique and ever-changing exhibition.

Every two months we offer a platform to talented artists, in our Café Baskèts, giving them the opportunity to share their vision and creativity within our community. These artist showcases go beyond a mere display of artwork; they are a celebration of creativity in all its forms. Whether it's visual arts, photography, or other innovative expressions, Café Baskèts welcomes artists from various backgrounds and disciplines.

Roi Elmaliah
In the coming two months, it is time for a new artist to take their place at the Baskèts Gallery. Meet Roï Elmaliah, a 34-year-old artist living in the vibrant city of Amsterdam alongside his incredible son, lovely girlfriend, and their furry companion. Roï stumbled upon painting at the start of 2023, craving a hands-on escape from his roles as a full-time dad and running a jewellery label.

His unique artistic style, inspired by the Korean Dansaekhwa movement, captures organic forms, textures, and colours that ground you. When Roï starts painting, it’s all about going with the flow, letting the canvas be a space to empty his thoughts. Since he dipped his toes into the art scene, Roï has been riding a wave of positivity. The support he received motivated him to keep creating, and he quickly found himself navigating the world of buying and selling art. Selling a piece isn’t just a transaction for him; it’s about sharing the sentiments he poured into his work.

Last November, Roï hit a new milestone with his first exhibition, and now you can spot his awesome creations proudly displayed on the walls of Café Baskets. The journey has been exciting, and Roï’s art continues to bring a burst of energy and colour to Amsterdam’s creative scene.

Launch event
We invite everyone to join us in supporting these local talents. Enjoy a cup of our carefully crafted coffee while diving into the unique perspectives and narratives presented by these artists. Starting on February 8th, we’ll let the fantastic artworks of Roï shine in our Baskèts Gallery. We’d like to invite you to join us for this launch event. Be prepared for an evening filled with art, warmth, and inspiration at Café Baskèts. Will we see you there?

Date: February 8th
Location: Eerste van der Helststraat 15A
Time: 17:00 – 20:00