30/06/2021 - 15:28
Exploring nature's elements in the city with salomon


Salomon's history begins in 1947 in the French Alps, in the town of Annecy. Starting with the production of wooden saws and scrapers turned in to the release of the first ski binding and eventually ski boots. Salomon became a well-known representative of many outdoor sports. Through various collaborations with top sporters, the brand managed to innovate their gear. Today we not only see Salomon used in outdoor sports, but also as a lifestyle brand. Performance based footwear yet perfect for everyday life in the city.



Salomon is the favourite sports shoe for trail runners in long-distance races in tough conditions. Next to high quality these shoes also allow you to seamlessly go from work to play whilst still wearing the same sneakers. Making them a versatile option for everyday life. As Baskèts has always had a passion for the outdoors, the beat to our hearts turned stronger when adding Salomon to our store’s collection. We love to incorporate distinct designs in our style and everyday wear. To introduce the XT-6 design to you, we went on a trip with the Salomon team. We explored the city nature of Amsterdam.



In this editorial we are highlighting the XT-6 pack, which is inspired by the island of fire and ice. This iconic model returns with updated colours and materials while maintaining an exquisite level of cushioning and durability. To celebrate the XT-6 in these admiring colours, we visited three different spots in Amsterdam to explore three different elements: Water, Sky and Nature.
With three members of the Salomon NL team and three members of Baskèts we gathered for this wonderful day. We enjoyed the city nature and had inspiring talks. Want to know more about each person’s connection with outdoor life and sports? Read their bio and check out our experience below.
Let Salomon and Baskèts inspire you to explore your city’s nature surroundings and to play outside. Explore and enjoy with us. Shop the entire Salomon's collection here. 
Tim van den Broeke
From a very young age, Tim accompanied his father to running competitions. Now it's the other way round. As well as teaching Sports Science at the Hogeschool van Zeeland, he has great ambitions in running. Just before he started studying, he started trailrunning to make running more challenging, trailrunning for him equals relaxation. His goal is to win the Coastal Marathon one day.
Suzan Nieman
When Suzan was about 15 years old, she was inspired by her friend who always was running with her horse beside her. From then on, she started running with her horse Rachel and they covered a lot of kilometres. Trailrunning has made her enjoy running again. It has increased her love for running and nature enormously. Besides trailrunning, she is a dietician for people with disabilities and people with epilepsy. Her goal for this year is to run the Alpe Adria trail for a month. For her, fun is paramount.
Pascal van Norden
Pascal started running when he was a young boy and went to the boxing gym. On the days he didn't have his boxing gloves on, he went outside to do calm endurance runs of 5 to 10 km. After a few years, he was a fanatic competitive boxer and his running started to become part of his routine. During his holidays in 2007, he started a 25km trail in Millau, France where he finished 3rd as the only foreigner. Trailrunning is his way of relaxing and enjoying his zen moment. Besides trailrunning, he is Shift Manager at Croda, Commanding Officer of the Fire Brigade Industry and Boxing trainer.
Daan de Greef
Daan is the owner and founder of Baskèts. You really can see him as a hardworking entrepreneur who always gets inspired by the city. He likes to do sports during the week and has a close relationship with Amsterdam, nature and the boating lifestyle.
Dwayne van Brugge
Dwayne is a stylist, but he also takes care of the buying of our items. Dwayne frequently takes trips with his close friends into secluded nature where they spend their days building fires and exploring the surroundings. He has a strong affinity with nature and enjoys the outdoors.
Rick Jan Dros
Rick is our head buyer at Baskèts. In his daily life, he is highly active in outdoor sports. He is a runner who is very motivated and is always looking for a new challenge. Next to running, Rick likes to throw a punch during his boxing activities to keep things exciting. Rick is very mindful about our planet and environmental position, that is why you'll might run into him in the outdoors in durable tech wear and brands such as Salomon offers.