23/10/2023 - 13:07
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On, born in the Swiss Alps in 2010, is on a mission to transform the running experience by enabling everyone to feel like they're running on clouds. They firmly believe that movement is the key to success and they’re racing ahead with the latest technology. Their focus on fossil-free materials and circular design makes them a pioneer in the industry. Not only athletes but also enthusiasts of a good-looking lifestyle are discovering the perfect balance between performance and aesthetics with On shoes. Baskèts is thrilled to embrace this revolution in movement and style. Whether you’re a runner taking the streets by storm or simply seeking the ultimate combination of comfort and style, On has it all.
On models
At Baskèts, we have the latest On collection available in various models and fantastic colourways. These shoes are infused with patented CloudTec® cushioning technology and sustainable elements, and each style seamlessly blends with unmatched design. The outcome? Your new favourite shoes, brimming with ultimate style.
Davey Donovan & On
Davey Donovan, an exceptional talent in the music production world, has struck a perfect chord between his creative studio work and his active lifestyle. Not only is he a highly gifted music producer, but he’s also a passionate runner. The secret to Davey’s versatile lifestyle? It lies in versatile shoes that can handle both long studio hours and intense running sessions. That’s where On comes into play, the shoes that offer him the perfect blend of style, cushioning, and performance, seamlessly taking him from the studio to the track. Immerse yourself in the interview with Davey Donovan below and let his story inspire you.

Can you tell us about your work as a music producer? How long have you been involved in this, and what led you to become a music producer?
I began making beats at 15 during high school. I was constantly tapping on the desk in class and rhythmically tapping along to existing music to create my own versions. Looking back, I think this was an outlet for my busy ADHD mind. I’ve been making music for 18 years now, and it has brought me to a point where I get to focus on producing music for Dutch artists and scouting talent daily. Additionally, I worked for the Netherlands’ largest hip-hop record labels, Top Notch and Noah’s Ark, for about 5.5 years. There, in addition to producing music, I also took on roles as a Project Manager and handled A&R (Artist & Repertoire) tasks. Being able to work with a list of my favorite artists and receiving gold records.

What motivates you the most in your work?
It might sound cliché, but music has been my salvation. I’ve learned life lessons from it, and it has raised me. It’s taught me invaluable life lessons and shaped me. Like every artist and producer, I’ve made sacrifices to turn my passion into my profession. Music is an integral part of my life, and while I’m not where I want to be yet, I’m grateful for the journey. I find my drive in music production by capturing a feeling, be it internal or external, and translating it into the song. I thrive on the organic flow of collaboration and the chemistry with the artist, which often goes beyond music, forming a true brotherhood.

How would you describe your own music? Are there specific influences that particularly inspire your music?
I would describe my style as layered but minimalist, built from a certain emotion with a warm feel but with a raw edge. That raw edge often comes from the drums and the bass. I’m inspired by new and unfamiliar music, natural sounds, stories I encounter daily, my own feelings, and those of the artists. Ultimately, it’s a collaboration, sometimes it clicks, and sometimes it doesn’t, and that’s okay too.

How important is sports and an active lifestyle for you?
Sports are super important for my mental well-being and maintaining my routines. I notice a significant difference in my lifestyle from the time without sports to now with running. I wouldn’t want to be without it anymore. Since I stopped playing football at a young age, I never found a sport that gave me joy. Initially, I didn’t expect to enjoy running, but now I’m all in!

How long have you been running, and is there a specific reason for it?
I’ve been running for three months now. A year and a half ago, I asked Vincent Patty (CEO of Top Notch and Noah’s Ark) to add me to the TNNA Running chat. In this app, the team shares daily screenshots of their runs. I told him that there would come a time when I would start running myself, but I lacked the drive back then. After leading a hectic lifestyle filled with irregular work and studio days and no exercise, I decided to start recently. I was going through a dark period and needed something to bring light into my life. Since then, I’ve been working out about 3-4 times a week and have already completed three running races. The fourth will take place in December on the beach (16km), and most likely the fifth will be in Barcelona, which will be my first half marathon (21km). I’m looking forward to it!
What do you enjoy about running?
It’s free, being outdoors, getting mentally stronger, experiencing a sense of freedom, and becoming fitter. I also really like the running community. You meet friendly people who speak the same language (hobby/passion). Plus, you can follow each other’s progress through specific apps designed for running, which motivates and inspires me.

What attracts you to On, and how does it fit your personal style?
‘Walking On Clouds’ is On’s claim, which to me conveys a sense of performance and comfort. What I like is that I can now wear running brands as part of my lifestyle. That’s when I feel most comfortable.

What’s your favorite running outfit?
For me, the outfit doesn’t matter much; what matters is that the shoes are of good quality and fit my body. I learned my lesson the hard way when I got a minor injury due to poorly advised running shoes. Now that I’ve received my new On shoes, I can’t wait to run on clouds every time.
Check below how Davey styles his favourite On Performance Outdoor Cloudwander sneakers and get inspired. Now available at Baskèts.