Baskèts collection

Baskets collection

Besides the many brands that Baskèts offers, we offer the Baskèts collection. Every collection consists of timeless designs in combination withseasonal items, ensuring high-quality and durability together with a very soft feel. All of our items are made of 100% organic cotton. Which make them not only feel soft but also environmentally friendly. The packaging is 100% biodegradable and produced close by in Portugal, Europe. 

Essential T-shirts

Of course, this collection of timeless and essential items includes some well fitted tees. A small detail on the tees is the logo on the chest. For perfect precision, we have 3D printed the logo with a nice tactile feel. The tees are available in different natural colours: Stone, Navy, White and Sky. The T-shirts have a straight fit and are true to size.

Essential Hoodies

In the same colour palette as the T-shirts, we've designed comfortable high quality hoodies. Easy to style with other items and warm. Due to the 100% organic cotton used, the hoodie is not only of high quality but also sustainable. The hood can be tightened with drawcords and the inside of the body has a soft fleece fabric. 

Heavy Cotton Trousers

These heavy cotton trousers are made of sturdy cotton, which ensures that the trousers are of high quality and at the same time radiate this quality. The trousers come in three colours: Stone, Navy and Black. The trousers have pockets and the logo is embroidered on the back pockets in a tonalcolour resulting in a subtle detail.

Baskèts captures, connects and unites sneaker culture, street culture and contemporary fashion.


Creativity saves

Joining forces

Boomerang Agency, Baskèts and Makers Unite join forces and celebrate creativity. With the "Creativity Saves" campaign, we give a platform toentrepreneurs who have had to adapt their work in a creative way over the past fifteen months. The stories of all creatives can be found on the Instagram channel @CreativitySaves.AMS . More portraits and stories will appear on this account in the coming days.

The collection

We have developed a clothing line for the campaign. This consists of four items; a vest, t-shirt, long sleeve shirt and key ring. The clothing line is forsale here. The clothing is entirely produced by Makers Unite and mainly made of organic materials.

The target

Proceeds from the sale of the clothing go directly to Makers Unite's "Creative Lab". Makers Unite is a foundation that wants to help creativenewcomers in the Netherlands. They often do this through collaborations with other parties, in order to give the newcomers a picture of the Dutch creative industry. Baskèts is a clothing brand with two branches in Amsterdam. Boomerang Agency is a full service agency that operatesinternationally, based in Amsterdam North.

While Boomerang has already collaborated with Baskèts and Makers Unite before, this is the first time that the three parties have worked together. And most likely not the last time.

How can you contribute? By purchasing one of the 'Creativity Saves' items! The entire proceeds go to Makers Unite and support them in increasingtheir impact.

Shop all items here. And read more about all participating entrepreneurs here.


Absolut collaboration

Lancering ‘Together We Connect’

Baskèts (Amsterdam), Calico Jack (Venlo), UPTOWN (Den Haag) and Absolut present: 

Three lifestyle boutiques, three cities and three local photographers have joined forces to celebrate the relationship between art and fashion. Thisresulted in the 'Together We Connect' collection.

'Together We Connect' is a collection for and with local photographers. Justine Leenarts from The Hague, Will Falize from Venlo and Eelco Wortmanfrom Amsterdam show what connection means to them and their city through a mini-series. As a proud supporter of cultural initiatives, Absolut has supported the initiative and they have become a major part of the collection.

The capsule collection supports the collaborating artists with every purchase. In addition to the capsule collection, there are also 3 high-quality photoprints available in a limited number of 65 pieces per print. In addition to the capsule collection, it is possible to visit a mini gallery by Eelco Wort twoweeks after the launch at Baskèts on the Elandsgracht.

On August 19th, the collection finally went live and was launched in the Baskèts store on the Elandsgracht in Amsterdam. Together with ourcolleagues, influencers and customers, we celebrated the capsule collection while enjoying an Absolut cocktail.

Read here the full story. Shop the collection of 'Together We Connect' now at Baskèts