As a brand in today's society, Le Bonnet’s goal is to use only natural fibers, so that the products last a long time and to achieve sustainability. They are also sustainable because all the products that are provided are 100% biodegradable. Their factory was established more than 170 years ago and is one of the oldest factories in the UK. The "Made in Scotland" label on their items represents craftsmanship and quality. 


The process

The manufacturing technology has been passed from generation to generation to ensure the quality of the products. Some products have a Caregora certificate. Caregora's breeding and care standards are based on all these carefully selected criteria to ensure the quality of these valuable fibers and the higheststandards of animal husbandry and animal care. Thereby are all products woven on traditional machines. After the knitting process, the cap must be washed, ironed and thoroughly inspected.  All fibers come from Scotland or Italy. Their wool comes only from shearing and cutting. They welcome you to enter their colourful world to find your perfect beanie.