19/10/2021 - 10:33
Vintage edition: dr. martens & sabbatical

Dr. Martens & Sabbatical

A match that makes the vintage heart beat faster. Dr. Martens is a brand that everyone knows and radiates authenticity. With the help of, vintage enthusiast, Dwayne we would like to put the spotlight on the vintage vibe with his brand: Sabbatical.


About Dr. Martens

Dr. Martens is a brand that has been around for a long time and is well known for their iconic models. The vintage shoes are handmade in the original Dr. Martens factory in Northamptonshire in England, using old and craft techniques.

A brand that was originally worn by the working class, became a subcultural necessity. Dr. Martens has a long history in different parts of society. Over time it transformed into a brand known in the music world and festival culture while being a symbol of self-expression. Easy to combine with many different styles. The vintage collection of Dr. Martens is made of top quality. After they are broken in, they fit like a glove and you don't want to wear anything else. dr. Martens is an advocate of offering a stage to young professionals who fit the style and values behind Dr. martens. Here, we highlight Dwayne from Sabbatical in his Dr. Martens.


About Sabbatical

Sabbatical was founded in Amsterdam in 2018, by two best friends Dwayne and Ruben. They shared a love for vintage items long before they started Sabbatical. Sabbatical literally means a gap year, an escape from the rush life. The goal of the founders is that when you wear Sabbatical, you experience a nostalgic feeling and you feel all the memories of your childhood come up. To highlight Sabbatical, we put Dwayne to the test.


How did you come up with the idea to start Sabbatical?

I missed a place in the Netherlands where vintage was curated. I noticed that in many vintage stores it was thrown together more, nowhere were the collections selected exactly. Another reason is that I spent years building up a vintage collection for myself. I bought items that weren't in my size, but I really wanted them. Also, from an early age I have always dreamed of having my own brand. Ultimately, all of this led to the creation of Sabbatical. Recently that it started as a brand with vintage stuff, it now also has its own collection.


What does Sabbatical stand for?

Sabbatical literally means an extended period of time during which people take time off and interrupt their normal professional activities. Of course, the brand itself stands for much more than that. As a company, it stands for reliving your childhood, from music to magazines and from cartoons to movies, everything you used to be a fan of. It has something nostalgic and brings you back. The Sabbatical brand is actually my sabbatical.


What does vintage mean to you?

Vintage to me means the future. It's great that products can be given a new life so often. We sometimes sell stuff that may have had six owners, then it goes to the seventh owner and they're just as happy with it, or maybe even happier. It is sustainable and you do not contribute to the mass production. I grew up with it and have been wearing a lot of second-hand stuff all my life.


Why do you think Dr. Martens and Sabbatical go well together?

I think the look of Dr. Martens goes hand in hand with vintage, because vintage and Dr Martens both stem from heritage. Style-wise it's exactly right. Any vintage shirt will suit a Dr. Martens shoe. If I want to go for a slightly cleaner look, I would go for the 1461. For a slightly rawer, punk-ish and more edgy look I would go for the Church.


Where do you see Sabbatical in the future?

We are developing our own line. The goal is to open a store in Amsterdam and to be at various retailers in the Netherlands. Vintage is becoming increasingly important in society and people are increasingly finding out that buying a vintage piece might be more fun, precisely because this piece of clothing has a story and you can immediately distinguish yourself with it.


Check out the vintage vibe. the dr. Martens shoes can be found here. Sabbatical is also for sale at Baskèts.