12/05/2021 - 09:22
Spring editorial #2

The Caron name may ring a bell for those who live in (or in the surroundings of) Amsterdam. Cafe Caron, Petit Caron and De Gouden Reael are the successful establishments created by the family. At the head of De Gouden Reael are long time friends and owners David Caron and Juul Louw. French cuisine runs through their veins and that is something you feel when tasting their food or drinking their wine. Showing their creative ways of cooking as well as in their entrepreneurial spirit, they are taking French cuisine one step further, offering traditional and classical French dishes. 

Besides the culinary excellence they are known for, they also have their own wine 'Lowel’. Named after the youngest brother of the Caron family.

This time we are back with the Caron garçons. We've followed David and Juul on there trip to the alluring Loire in France, where their wine is being harvested. This beautiful region, two hours from Paris, is where they put the final touch on their new wine. 

A pleasing insight of Caron is that in addition to their current establishments, a new friend will be added, named Cantine. The grand restaurant will be located at the iconic Westergasterrein in the city centre of Amsterdam. Opening this Thursday 13/05. 

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