25/02/2021 - 17:08
Spring editorial #1

The Caron name may ring a bell for those who live in (or in the surroundings of) Amsterdam. Cafe Caron, Petit Caron and the newly added ‘De Gouden Reael’ are the successful establishments created by the family. After 35 years, Alain Caron has returned to the historic De Gouden Reael, the restaurant where he began his career in Amsterdam. This time around not alone but with his whole culinary family. Just before the start of the COVID-Pandemic, the family took over the restaurant on the Westelijke Eilanden in Amsterdam.

At the head of De Gouden Reael are long time friends and owners David Caron and Juul Louw. French cuisine runs through their veins and that is something you feel when tasting their food or drinking their wine. Bringing a new restaurant to life during a global pandemic is quite the challenge but, these men have shown they’re up for the task. Showing their innovative ways of cooking as well as in their entrepreneurial spirit, they are taking French cuisine one step further. The Gouden Reael is all about offering traditional and classical French dishes. During this lockdown, they are producing ‘Pithiviers’ a notorious dish in Amsterdam and its surroundings. French puff pastry filled with duxelles, onion confit and a style of meat or fish, is De Gouden Reael's signature dish. All dishes and menus are created by the French Chefs; Chef Thomas Demuth and Alain Caron. These Pithiviers and delicious sides can be ordered weekly from De Gouden Reael website for pick-up. You will not be disappointed!

David and Juul are wearing the latest arrivals from Baskets including the brand's Polo Ralph Lauren, Arte Antwerp, Olaf, Parel Studios, Baskèts, and Vans. The items they wear fall perfectly in line with their style: classic and comfortable. The Polo Ralph Lauren shirts give these sets a classic style through light colors and stripes. By adding color with the items from Olaf and Arte Antwerp the fits becomes more playful. The outfits shown have been combined with sneakers by Vans, Reebok, and Adidas, creating that effortless look. By combining different materials, colors, and brands, you create a stylish and well-thought-out fit. Shop the latest additions on the website.