10/11/2023 - 11:26
Salomon xt-6 expanse x our coffee roasters

Salomon, the XT-6 Expanse
Innovative outdoor experiences—that's the essence of Salomon. Hailing from the heart of the French Alps, the charming town of Annecy, Salomon has been shaping the future of sports since 1947. They breathe life into designs that revolutionize your sports engagement. Their mission? To empower individuals to bring out their best selves by offering ultimate outdoor sports experiences in a world of positive change. It's time to play.

A sneaker that truly encapsulates these values is the Salomon XT-6 Expanse. This winter-ready iteration of the iconic XT-6, which requires no introduction, is a masterpiece in the realm of outdoor experiences. It comes in two colourways: Vanilla Ice/Almond Milk/Transparent Yellow and Bungee Cord/Wren/Almond Milk. This shoe boasts a luxurious full-grain leather and suede upper for added protection and warmth. The full-grain leather only becomes more exquisite with time, ensuring your Salomon XT-6 Expanse will always look top-notch. But this shoe isn't just a visual delight; it also offers unparalleled stability, making it the perfect choice for both outdoor adventures and everyday use. With the Salomon XT-6 Expanse, you're unquestionably prepared to embrace your winter adventures in style.

Café Baskèts & Salomon
Have you caught wind of the exciting news yet? Soon, Café Baskèts will be opening its doors just around the corner from our store in the heart of De Pijp. Picture it as a cozy spot where you can savor the most delightful coffees, juices, sandwiches, and discover plenty of fantastic items for your home. We're dead serious about our coffee, aiming to serve nothing but top-notch quality. That's why we've teamed up with the coffee maestros at LOT61 for their expertise. And what better way to kick off our café than with Salomon? We've just unveiled these XT-6 models in coffee and milk hues – a perfect match for your coffee cravings!

After chatting with Rory, the head of coffee roasting at LOT61, we've gained valuable insights into the coffee world, his expertise, and what we can expect from LOT61’s beans. Rory kicked off his coffee journey back in Melbourne as a student. When he made the leap to Europe, his commitment to coffee deepened, and he's proudly worn the title of a coffee roaster for over five years.

What fuels his passion is discovering new coffees that consistently surprise everyone. Rory finds utmost joy in the roasting process, seeing it as an opportunity to showcase the hard work of the farmers. Without quality green beans, he can't craft exceptional coffee, and naturally, without a good roast, he can't allow us to savour the farmers' dedication. LOT61 sources coffee from various corners of the globe, spanning South American to African countries. Some are staples in their collection, while others are sought seasonally for something fresh. This collaboration with LOT61 ensures we serve our customers the finest coffee beans.

When on the job, Rory emphasises the importance of sturdy and comfortable shoes: ‘I didn’t realise how flat-footed my old shoes were. The Salomon shoes are way more comfortable - and durable enough for warehouse work!’. But it goes beyond that; we've uncovered a great connection between the coffee world and Salomon’s latest release, the XT-6 Expanse. Let's dive into this intriguing comparison of the Salomon XT-6 Expanse, available in two colourways. The brown hue evokes the rich taste of a warm cup of freshly ground coffee, while the bright white colorway brings to mind a refreshing iced latte. The soft suede of the sneakers mirrors the delectable texture of our coffee.

More good news! This upcoming weekend, prepare to have your tastebuds teased by an irresistible combination and savour the essence of Café Baskèts at our temporary in-store coffee corner in our Baskèts store at The Pijp. Everyone is invited to drop by for a complimentary cup of coffee courtesy of Salomon. Swing by on Saturday, November 10th, between 10:00 and 14:00, or on Sunday, November 11th, between 12:00 and 15:00, and explore how the XT-6 Expanse and coffee roasters unite for a delectable experience you won't want to miss.

Will we see you with us in the Pijp this weekend? We look forward to welcoming you with a delicious coffee. Location: Gerard Doustraat 96.

And check out the images from our shoot with Rory and the Salomon XT-6 Expanse below and be immersed in the world of coffee.