28/05/2021 - 13:37
Our top 3 taschen books
The Taschen books contain many topics that inspire us all, from books about famous artists to architecture and much more. To highlight these amazing books we put our top 3 favourites together in this blog.

1. The History Of Graphic Design Vol. 1, 1890-1959

In this book, writer Jens Müller and art editor Julius Wiedemann take us on a journey through the years of graphic design. In this first part, they show us 70 years of history and the legacy of graphic design. From year to year, they look back at leading designers and their important projects. With text and image, this book provides tremendous inspiration and history.

2. Andy Warhol Early Drawings of Love, Sex And Desire

Long before Andy Warhol became known for his famous pop art, he created and exhibited seductive drawings to celebrate male beauty. His use of thin line drawings sets the tone for this mellow book about love, sex and desire.

3. Artist book series

Besides the many big books, Taschen also has a series of smaller books, each about a different artist. From modern art artist Andy Warhol and abstract artist Mondrian. The number of beautiful artists is endless.