17/06/2021 - 17:11
New stüssy shot in the patty morgan studio

Patty Morgan is the first label of art, run by creatives. With over 800 carefully selected contemporary artists, the community of Patty Morgan offers the finest art. Whether you are looking to buy art or rent art, Patty Morgan serves up the most beautiful and unique artworks. Last week we had the chance to visit Matthijs Booij, owner of Patty Morgan, in their studio in Amsterdam-Noord. We got to admire the artwork and styled Matthijs in the newest Stüssy items. 

In this collection of Stüssy, we discover a combination of beautiful fabrics, soft colours and the most unique prints. Stüssy is here for the most innovative and stylish designs. The contemporary and innovative designs fit perfectly within the style of Patty Morgan. Bright colours and optical illusion are reflected in both Stüssy's apparel and Patty Morgan's artworks. 

Take a look below to see our visit to Patty Morgan. Shop the entire collection of Stüssyhere.