20/10/2023 - 09:27
Lenny from zachtstaal meets the arc’teryx beta lt jacket


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Arc’teryx Beta LT Hardshell Jacket Men’s Black Sapphire

The Arc'Teryx Beta LT jacket is the ultimate choice for those seeking design, comfort, and protection in the great outdoors. Constructed from lightweight and durable GORE-TEX material, it offers the perfect blend of waterproof, windproof, and breathable features, making it versatile for various outdoor activities. The smartly designed StormHood™, wearable over a helmet, ensures full coverage without compromising visibility. This stunning jacket boasts waterproof pocket zippers, additional ventilation zippers, and provides unrestricted movement. Beyond its functionality, it’s also ethically produced in a Fair Trade-certified factory. In short, the Arc'Teryx Beta LT Hardshell Jacket is the ideal choice for all your outdoor adventures.


Baskèts talks (met Lenny)  

Lenny Ylstra, the head chef of restaurant Zachtstaal, is not only a culinary expert but also a fan of a good outdoor jacket that allows him to move comfortably even when working. That’s why he chooses the Beta LT Jacket from Arc’teryx. Read below the interview with Lenny in where he talks about his work and his connection with Arc’teryx.


Can you tell us about your work and what inspired you to become a chef? What drives you the most in the kitchen?

I more or less stumbled into the kitchen at a young age and never looked back. I grew up with good food, which ignited my passion for cooking. What draws me most to the kitchen is the opportunity to create new dishes with a team of enthusiastic individuals. Over the years, I've learned that the quality of the ingredients we work with is what distinguishes good from fantastic. That's why we're always on the lookout for exceptional produce.


How did Zachtstaal come about? Could you tell us about the products you grow?

I've known Kasper Hoex, the greengrocer of Zachtstaal, for quite some time. He used to deliver all his vegetables to me when I was the chef at De School. Kasper asked me if I was interested in starting a restaurant with him. The idea of having a restaurant with its own outdoor garden really appealed to me. I live in the center of Amsterdam, and sometimes, in the city, you lose touch with nature. So, we started this venture last summer. Kasper cultivates all the vegetables with care and without pesticides. This is reflected in the taste of the produce, but it also brings some extra work, such as dealing with more insects, and the vegetables aren't all the same size. But that's how nature works.


Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? Could you tell us about the farm-to-table process?

Our restaurant is located in a glass greenhouse in the middle of the polder near Beverwijk. I've never worked in a kitchen with so much natural light. Sometimes, if we forget to request something from Kasper, we rush to the fields ourselves to harvest some herbs or vegetables at the last minute. When putting together the menu, we are guided by what's ripe on the land. At the start of the season, Kasper creates a sowing plan that's displayed in the kitchen, giving us an idea of when different crops are planted. However, the harvesting depends on the weather. This year, April was very wet, so the entire vegetable season was delayed by about a month.


What attracts you to Arc’teryx, and how does this brand fit into your personal style and work?

Quality, durability, and design are essential to me when choosing a new jacket. Since I work outdoors a lot, it's crucial that my jacket is waterproof and windproof. They also need to be sturdy and durable, which Arc’teryx excels at. They offer high-quality, robust jackets.


How important is sustainability and innovation, both in clothing and in the culinary world, and how does it reflect in your work at Zachtstaal?

At Zachtstaal, we grow our own produce without the use of pesticides or other chemicals, contributing to a cleaner future. When I buy clothing, I also try to consider how the manufacturer handles its products.


Zachtstaal has a strong connection to Amsterdam; for example, you have a shuttle bus running between Amsterdam and the restaurant. How else does this manifest?

I was born and raised in Amsterdam, and I still consider it the most beautiful village in the world. At the same time, I have a deep appreciation for the natural surroundings and outdoor life around Beverwijk. Since not everyone in Amsterdam has a car, and we would like to keep it part of our audience, we’ve decided to start a shuttle bus service. It runs from Sloterdijk station on Thursdays. This year, it's just one day, but next season, it might be two or more days.

We're wrapping up this season on November 3rd and will reopen on April 1st. We'll be working on improvements during the winter to make everything even better for the upcoming season. Keep an eye on our social media channels if you want to stay updated on all our plans.


Check out the footage below of our shoot featuring the Arc’teryx Beta LT Jacket at Zachtstaal, get inspired, and be sure to pay a visit to Zachtstaal yourself.