24/01/2023 - 16:42
Carne bollente's vision on sexuality

Carne Bollente
Carne Bollente claims that they advocate open and honest talking about sex and sexuality. They want everyone to feel happy, confident, safe and free about their sexual identity including gender expression, orientation, relationship with their bodies and also reproductive rights. Through their eye-catching creations, they seek to positively change, cultural attitudes and norms around sexuality and advocate for the recognition of different sexual identities.

SS23 'Souvenir from us' collection
The collection of this sex-positive brand is a celebration of all these attraction moments, a Pandora’s box souvenir collection. Always with a Carne twist. You'll find straightforward streetwear items with scenic illustrations of different body silhouettes and other expressions of sex. Explore all these statement pieces such as the 'Lick me 24/7 T-shirt', 'Dirty Lancing polo', 'Nutting Hill tank top' and more in our lookbook and shop at Baskèts.