17/09/2021 - 13:44
Brand-new sneakers in from karhu

Karhu might not be the brand most of us grew up with, but currently they are taking over the streets in Amsterdam. In the spring of 2019, we launched the first Karhu collection at Baskèts. Right away it became one of the bestselling brands in our portfolio.

The brand was founded in 1916 in Helsinki, Finland, so it has quite a long history. Firstly, they went with the name ‘Ab Sport Artiklar’, but in 1920 that was quickly changed into Karhu. They became well-known on the tracks around the world with their running shoes ‘’Flying Finns’’. Throughout the following years, they started focusing on innovating their running shoes with their "Air Cushion" midsole system and the usage of nylon. The M-symbol which can be found on every pair of shoes is derived from the word “Mestari,” which means “champion” in Finnish.

Each drop amazes us with the colour palette that is used to distinguish the shoes from other brands. This time blue, brick and rust colours have been used for the Fusion 2.0 and Legacy 96 models. Currently, the Karhu line can be found in-store and online.