16/04/2021 - 10:36
Brand introduction - carne bollente

A Paris-based brand that started as a joke, grew into a well-respected French brand. Carne Bollente focusses on the relation between sex and positivity to allow people to embrace their own sexuality through their clothes. Remarkable? Yes. Needed? Yes. It's something that we consider to be an impressive statement and for which we can only give high praises. Let the 'taboo-breaking' begin, using sex-themed embroidery and graphics on clothing and accessories. 

Carne Bollente started as a joke, one night when the owners and there group of friends were having fun, they came up with the idea of making sex-themed embroidery on clothing. Especially since they had never seen it before. Carne Bollente means 'cooked meat' and comes from the legendary porn film, 'The Rise of the Roman Empress', originally titled 'Carne Bollente', hence the name of the label. They strongly believe that everybody should have a genuine sense of freedom when speaking of sex and sexuality.

In addition, Carne Bollente uses sustainable materials including organic cotton. They try to produce their products and logistics locally, most of their fabrics come from Portuguese suppliers. They take responsibility for their actions and for the generations to come, this is an approach that we at Baskèts also aim. Carne Bollente values are a perfect match to ours and we are cheerful to introduce them in our Baskets storyline. 

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