29/12/2021 - 09:08
Bon parfumeur: mix & match

Ludovic Bonneton has always had a love for perfumes and wanted to create an authentic and creative perfume that would match his desires at that moment. With this vision, he founded Bon Parfumeur in 1989. A brand that was born from the desire to revive the beauty and artistry of perfumery in a contemporary and creative way.

The perfume of Bon Parfumeur can be described as artistic. All the perfumes are produced in France and contain the best of the best ingredients, resulting in excellent quality. Every perfume is unique. So, whether you are looking for something more arty or chaotic, there will always be something for you. The beauty of Bon Parfumeur is its ability to mix and match different perfumes to create a completely new one. Thus, allowing everybody to become their own perfumer, with the help of Bon Parfumeur of course.

With Bon Parfumeur, we are giving you the tools to create the perfume of your dreams. Do not worry, we will always be there to support you during the process. If you are looking for something woodier, feel free to go for 602. Would you like something more aquatic, pick 801. Would you rather go for something spicy? Then combine 003 with 301. If you can’t get enough of their perfumes, you can also take a look at their candles. The possibilities are endless.