12/11/2021 - 10:23
Arc’teryx conquers all weather conditions

Everyone knows Arc’teryx for what it is: a premium outdoor brand. But, who are the people that truly appreciate the brand for its values and wear the Arc’teryx products to battle harsh weather conditions in remote parts of the world? One of these people is Jasper De Kloet, Jasper can explain how Arc’teryx helped him during his work as Director of Photography and why he is into the Arc'teryx design.

Jasper De Kloet is in the prime of his life and a well-known Director of Photography. The ''DOP'' is the head of the lighting and camera departments. The DOP works with composition, framing, lighting, and camera movement to realize the director's vision. The DOP can refresh the director's take on his movie and give a different perspective on the story. Right after finishing his bachelor's in cinematography, Jasper dove into the world of moving images. After 5 years in the professional creative field, he discovered and developed a sense of creative freedom and is now able to adapt his work to any project that may arise. He is always looking for stories behind people, which he then uses as the core of his work. Fascinated by emotion and raw edges, he looks for a strong mix of light, nature, and people.

Arc’teryx manufactures gear that reacts to harsh environments and unpredictable conditions. That is the moment when one is really able to assess the situation; Jasper can plan all he wants but really being in those harsh moments gives unlimited amounts of inspiration. One of Jasper's favorite DOP’s Robbie Ryan once said “It’s all about getting your eye to the camera, that's where you learn about composition, by shooting the world around you. It doesn't have to be lit in any special way; there's always natural light. If you can create an interest in the everyday world around you, then you're probably going in the right direction.”

Jasper often works in rough weather conditions and travels a lot to collect the best moving images. One of his biggest passions nowadays is motorcycles. Riding a bike through open landscapes and busy cities really excites him. When he has extra time off he likes to go kite(surfing), a sport he has been practicing since the age of nine. It’s something that brings him literally anywhere, sometimes to heights of over 25 meters.

Arc’teryx is founded on the philosophy that one has to design by doing. Its collections are both inspired by and tested on the Canadian Mountains: a rough but pure environment where the designers get the best insights. It is Arc’teryx’s pioneering vision and their belief that ‘there is always a better way’ that attracts Jasper to the brand. The good quality of the brand makes Jasper feel protected in the clothing during his extreme travels. He likes to express his appreciation for sustainability and appreciates that that is woven into everything Arc’teryx does.

Last but not least, a little bit of advice. Everybody starts out with an idea and quickly overcomplicates the process. Keep the idea simple because at the end of the process you have added many layers that eventually will give that depth you were looking for in the first place. A simple thing can actually be the hardest to achieve.


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Model: Jasper De Kloet

Photographer: Tristan Fopma