02/07/2024 - 15:15
Adidas art instalments vol.2
Presenting to you adidas Art Instalments VOL. 2: the adidas Gazelle Indoor creatively presented by Cheraine Baljé.


Cheraine’s journey as an artist began in an unexpected place: her grandmother’s lap. Taught to crochet, knit, and sew from a young age, these traditional crafts became the bedrock of her creative expression. “I never thought I would become an artist; it’s actually a hobby that got out of hand,” she admits. Through years of exploration, Cheraine realized that handcrafting was the one constant in her life and decided to pursue it passionately.

Rooted in the traditional techniques passed down from her grandmother, Cheraine’s work has evolved into a sophisticated blend of craft and contemporary themes. She reflects, “Over the years, I’ve refined my technique and started experimenting with sustainable materials and themes.” Her artistry is a delicate balance of meticulous handwork and modern expression, creating pieces that forge an intimate connection between the artwork and the viewer.

Cheraine’s work is deeply personal and reflective, often exploring themes of cultural identity, sustainability, and personal history. She uses her art to delve into her cultural background and personal stories, crafting pieces that raise awareness about environmental impact through the use of sustainable materials.
A typical day in Cheraine’s studio is one of quiet preparation and intense creativity. “Surrounded by lots of yarn!” she jokes. Her day starts with organizing materials and space, followed by diving into her projects.

Cheraine draws inspiration from a diverse range of sources, including nature, other art forms, and her own life experiences and emotions. This eclectic mix breathes life into her work, infusing it with depth and authenticity.
Among her creations, Cheraine holds her first wall hanging and her ‘mattenklopper’ wall piece closest to her heart. The latter, in particular, marked the beginning of her exploration into her cultural heritage, a journey she finds profoundly beautiful.

Fashion plays a significant role in Cheraine’s life. While her focus has shifted towards sustainability, she acknowledges that clothing is a powerful form of self-expression. Her style is a mix of simplicity and boldness, often opting for comfort and versatility. “I spend a lot of time on Instagram for inspiration,” she says, favoring second-hand and self-made pieces over new purchases.

When choosing shoes, comfort is paramount for Cheraine. She prefers sleek, elegant designs over bulky sneakers, valuing how they complement her style while offering comfort.

Her latest artwork, inspired by the Adidas Gazelle Indoor, beautifully reflects the sneaker’s aesthetic. “You can see this mainly in the colors, which are the same as those of the shoes,” she explains. The piece integrates the colors and shapes of the Olympic rings and subtly features adidas’ iconic three stripes, blending seamlessly with the background.

Cheraine believes this collaboration captures the essence of both her artistic vision and adidas’ brand values of innovation, sportiness, and artistic expression.

Her attraction to the Adidas Gazelle Indoor is rooted in its design: sleek, refined, and versatile. “This is exactly the type of sneaker I would choose,” she says, appreciating its elegance and adaptability to various outfits.

Through her work, Cheraine hopes viewers will take the time to appreciate the intricate handcrafting involved. “It’s not just an image; it’s handmade,” she emphasizes, inviting a deeper connection and reflection from her audience.


Instagram Cheraine:https://www.instagram.com/cherainebalje/

Website Cheraine:https://www.cherainebalje.com/


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