04/01/2022 - 14:24
A stylish start of 2022

KRIEN skincare

Your year starts off right with a fresh skincare routine. KRIEN Skincare lives according to the Surinamese saying "krien taki na krien libi", which can be freely translated to "clean talk is clean life". They offer vegan, natural and easy-to-use products for everyday use.



Jewelry can really complete an outfit. Golia is a sustainable jewelry brand from Amsterdam. The jewelry is handmade in India and all materials are 100% post-consumer recycled 14k gold or sterling silver.


Drôle de Monsieur

Some good branded clothing should not be missing in your closet this year. Inspired by the aesthetic of the 70s and 80s and the nostalgia of the 90s, but with a focus on the needs of the present time. Suitable for many occasions, these Drôle de Monsieur garments could easily become the staple pieces in your closet.


Polo Ralph Lauren

Founded in 1967 in New York, Ralph Lauren grew out to become one of those brands that we can't imagine not having in our closet. The beauty of Ralph Lauren is that it has something in store for everybody. From preppy to athletic, urban to classic, and from young to old, there will always be an item available to finish your look. Now you’re in luck because a lot of items have been added, so you will definitely find some items that will bright up your 2022.


Grown Alchemist

Another skincare brand that we have in store for you is Grown Alchemist. Professional products that deliver clinical results, everything you need in skin care can be found here.


Blanc Essentials

Great basics are the start of every outfit. Blanc Essentials has a simple take on luxury with the least environmental impact. They provide ‘blanco’ essential products, which means they want to make their items fundamentally useful. Their high-quality items are more about the process behind it: a routine of care means knowing where it was made and how to take care of it. Their essentials are effortlessly combinable with the rest of your closet.