Marni was established in 1994 by Consuelo Castiglioni, who still remains as the head designer of the Milan based fashion house. In 2002 Marni debuted with a ready-to-wear menswear line. The Marni collections are typified by its juxtaposition of textures, forms and color blocks, brought in modest color palettes in which brighter colors are interspersed. Artist collaborations are a repeating theme within the Marni collections, intertwined within the main collections by adding a focused selection of printed tee’s and shirting. No concessions are made in quality, considering all pieces are made in-house at their headquarters in Milan, Italy. 

Today Marni collections can be found in flagship stores in metropoles such as Tokyo, New York, London and Beijing.


Video from video installation for the FW14 presentation in Milan

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Carven is a Paris based fashion house, founded in 1945 by madame Marie-Louise Carven. The first menswear collection was presented in 1968, when the brand was particularly known for its Haute Couture collections. After evolving the brand through fragrances and accessories, Carven introduced its first ready-to-wear collection in 1991, whereafterMme Carven soon retired. In 2009 Guillaume Henry was appointed as the brands Creative Director. Today the Carven collections are known for the way he intertwines the brand’s classical roots with graphical themes, updated shapes and modern fabrics.

The FW14 collection is inspired by the original 1920's mobsters. We especially like the graphics inspired on the original mafia tattoos. Below you see some scenes from the FW14 show, that was placed in a dark 1920's club setting.



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Ami was founded by Alexandre Matiussi, after he gained experience at Dior, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs, respectively. With the Ami brand he aimed for a more accessible approach to mens fashion, then the companies he worked for could offer. Considering the brands name (‘friend’ in French), Alexandere Mattiussi finds his inspiration in the people who he surrounds himself with. Ami brings collections with the image and the price-point a young professional could match with. Classical garments are updated to modern times and usage, typified by its Parisian, sophisticated over-all feel.

For the FW14 show, Ami created a complete Parisian winter wonderland setting in Palais de Tokyo in Paris:


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CMMN (common) was founded in 2012 by Saif Bakir and Emma Hedlund. The pair’s origin lays in Sweden and graduated in Londen, at the London College of Fashion and Central Saint Martins respectively. After they gained experience at Wooyoungmi and Kanye West, the duo started up their own menswear brand; CMMN SWDN. CMMN intertwines Swedish minimalism with London edge, resulting in a clean and masculine approach to modern menswear. Expect a focused selection of sportswear inspired pieces, printed jerseys, sleek suiting and very strong outerwear. 

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Alexander Wang founded his namesake fashion brand in 2007, starting with womens ready-to-wear collection. Soon menswear collections would follow, since his very stylish, street wear inspired collections gained a lot of following. At Common Kin you may expect a very focused selection of the Alexander Wang T line, known for its high-grade fleece and fine knitwear. 

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David Obadia (founder of BWGH) will launch the debut collection of his new brand this season: Harmony. Harmony, as the brand’s name literally means, is ‘a combination of different parts or elements so as to form a consistent and orderly whole’. The collection can be described as a more timeless and sophisticated approach to menswear, than with BWGH. The streetwear influences are still there, but in a more subtle way, where the focus with Harmony lies more on the silhouettes and quality. Expect classic woolen outerwear pieces, clean shirting and simple sweaters. 

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